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How does it work?
Plastic material - HMWHDPE. Color choices - blue, black, gray, orange.
Preference Temperature: -60/80
The playload is 325kgs/m2 for single float/double floats, 200 kgs for low floats. 

1. Main pontoon cubes.
1.1. Single float 50x50x40cm.
The most universal and the most basic of spares. Due to the square shape allows for most versatile applications. However, the ... to master berth with a larger area and reduce costs wherever possible we recommend using the double pontoons. However, if the design solution will need to include these details, then also use it!
1.2. Double float 50x100x40cm.
The leading element helps to save your costs and your time during assemble works.
1.3. Low single float 50x50x25cm.
2. Connecting fittings.
2.1. Short pins for inside connections.
2.2. Bolts for outside connections.
2.3. Cushions.
You have to use the cushions when you connect the corner "1" to corner "4", and thin cushion for corner "1" to "3" or corner "2" to "4"

3. Accessories.
3.1. Jet Ski Dock
3.2. Boat's docks.
3.3. Fender.

3.4. Bollards.
3.5. Handrail.
3.6.  Swimming ladders.

     4.1. Anchoring on the bollard.
    4.2. Side bar for anchoring.
    4.3. Self made cement anchors.
5. Other accessories.
5.1. Long Pins.
5.2. Long bolts.
... and double construction
6. Tool.
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